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Private health insurance

Private health insurance is a mecahnism for people to protect themselves from potentially extreme costs of midical care and to ensure that they have access to health care when they need it.

Health care can be quite costly, and only the richest among us can afford to pay the costs of treating a serious illness should it arise.  Private health insurance products pool the risk of high health care costs across alarge number of people, permitting them (or emplyers on their behalf) to pay a premium based on the average cost of medical care for the group of people.  This risk-spreading function helps make the cost of health care reasonably affordable for most people.

In addition, private health insurance enables patients to receive care in a timely way by providing evidence to health care providers that the patient can afford treatment.  Providers generally know that when they treat people with health coverage, they are likely to be paid for their services within a reasonable time.

Private health coverage is provided primarily through benefit plans sponsored by employers.  People without access to employer-sponsored insurance may obtain halth insurance on their own, usually through the individual health insurance market, although in some instances health insurance may be available to individuals through professional associations or similar arrangements.

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